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Yellowtail black cockatoo heading

Yellowtail the Black Cockatoo lives in the forest country along the south eastern area of Australia. She makes a nest high above the ground in a tree hollow where she chews off woodchips to make a soft floor for the eggs.

She has a loud slow call that sounds like "whee-la" and calls to her friends as he moves from tree to tree to eat wood boring insects in banksia trees. She also eats seeds from pine trees and hakeas.

The Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos generally travel from the coastal regions up into the highland ranges to make their nests, and when the breeding season is over move back to their coastal haunts. Some are probably nomadic and fly from area to area.

They like to travel in pairs or in small family groups. The young birds are almost a year old before they become independent. Not a great deal has been known about these beautiful birds, although research is taking place so that we can understand their needs for assured survival.

Yellowtail the Black Cockatoo is one of the stunning full bodied soft toy puppets designed by Peter Harris based on the cockatoos that live in Secret Gully.