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Digger the Common Wombat is big and strong and loves digging burrows. He has a number of burrows which he visits every night. Some are smaller than others, but his biggest burrow is about 20 metres long and has a number of sleeping chambers in it and a few different entrances for convenience. When he gets bored he starts digging a new burrow but gives up if the digging doesn't go so well.

Common Wombats are herbivorous and eat mainly grasses and also the roots of shrubs and trees. They have thick fur and like cooler places to live. They are often found in forest areas in the mountains of South East Australia. In Tasmania and South Australia they may be found in more open areas such as scrub and heath land.

Digger lives on his own most of the time. Sometimes another wombat may share his burrow, but they don't spend much time together, and argue a lot. Digger sleeps during the day in summer and wanders around his home territory during the night. In the cooler months he may be seen during the day as well.

Female Common Wombats have a rear opening pouch with two teats but usually only one baby is born at a time. The baby spends about six months in the pouch and then almost a year trotting behind the mother learning how to survive.

Though they seem to have a very simple life, Common Wombats have a very large brain. Perhaps they think a lot during the many hours they spend in the burrow. The Common Wombat is protected in Western Victoria, and although seeming secure at the moment the numbers are declining due to habitat destruction and competition from stock.

Digger the Wombat is one of the stunning full bodied soft toy puppets designed by Peter Harris inspired by the local wombats in the region of Secret Gully.