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Watcher the Perentie heading

Watcher the Perentie is Australia's largest lizard and may eventually grow to two and a half metres long. He sits up and watches the surrounding landscape very carefully.

Perenties are found across inland Australia and over to the West Australian coast. Their colouring is adapted to suit the environment in which they live.

Watcher lives in rocky terrain and his markings amost seem like the lichen patches on the boulders. Male Perenties may fight with each other in the breeding season. They may tail lash and wrestle each other as they dispute territory.

Perenties are rather shy and live in a secluded burrow in the rocky hills. They likes to venture out into the surrounding landscape very early in the morning to hunt for smaller lizards, mammals and birds.

At the first sign of danger Perenties will lie flat on the ground, and remain very still until the danger has passed.

Watcher the Perentie is one of the stunning full bodied soft toy puppets designed by Peter Harris and inspired by Watcher's cousins, the goannas that live in Secret Gully.