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Misty the Greater Glider Possum

Misty is the largest of the gliding possums of Australia. Like Nibbles the Koala, Misty eats only Eucalyptus leaves. She does not normally drink because she gets all the moisture she needs from the juicy leaves.

You'll find Misty in the eucalyptus forests up and down the eastern side of Australia, along the coast or up on the Great Dividing Range. During the day she rests in a hollow, high up in an old tree. When she leaves her nest at night, she takes long glides from tree to tree. Sometimes she will travel for 100 metres in one glide as she searches for nice tasty leaves.

Misty has sharp claws and is a very fast climber. When she glides to a tree, she lands on the trunk with all four feet at once and her sharp claws are very handy for climbing up to the top so that she can launch herself into another glide to the next tall tree. Misty is rather unusual because she hardly ever makes a sound. She is normally silent.

Misty normally has one baby at a time which lives in her pouch for three or four months. When the baby grows bigger it will often ride on Misty's back, hanging on tightly when she glides.

It is important that old trees and forests are preserved, because they make the best homes for Misty. In Australia there is very little old forest left.

Misty The Greater Glider is one of the stunning full bodied soft toy puppets designed by Peter Harris inspired by the beautiful gliders that live in Secret Gully.