Secret Gully is thrilled to announce our full membership
of the Fairtrade Association of Australia and New Zealand,
working towards full accreditation. Our puppets are cut by hand and finished on simple machines.

They are hand crafted and detailed by WeiWei
and her small group of women in Nanjing.
Heather works closely with the women in Nanjing to make new samples and to grow the range of puppets.

++++ Our Fair Trade Agreement includes ++++

*We pay for the space for the artisans to work

*The women tell us how much they need to be paid for each toy, to achieve a fair and just price for their work

*Timelines for production are agreed in partnership and the artisans are able to take the work home if they wish in order to care for family members and to take family days as needed.

Visit FAIRTRADE website

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