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Crikey the Crocodile breathes air just like we do, but he is very well adapted to life in the water. When he opens his mouth underwater a special flap of skin at the back of his throat stops the water entering his gullet. He has an unusual heart with 4 chambers, and when he dives blood with oxygen is sent to his brain while blood without much oxygen goes through the rest of his body. This way he can use his oxygen very well and stay under water longer.

Eventually Crikey must rest to replenish his oxygen. He spends a lot of time regulating his body temperature. When he needs heat he will bask in the sun, and when he gets too hot he will find some shade or lie in shallow water.

Crocodiles have 66 teeth. When they lose one, another is waiting to take its place. Their jaws are very strong and close with tremendous force. Salt Water crocodiles may grow to five or six metres in length, with an occasional really big one almost seven metres in length and as heavy as ten men.

Crocodiles swim with their tails, but they also have webbing between three of their back toes. They have excellent hearing and with eyes like a cat's, they see very well at night.

Female crocodiles may lay up to sixty eggs in a nest of vegetation near the water's edge. She guards the nest and when the hatchlings emerge she will carry them in her mouth to the water and stay with them for a few months. Incubation at 30 degrees centigrade or less produces female young, 31 degrees produces both sexes, while 32-33 degrees produces male young. Of 1000 eggs laid, only about 8 crocodiles will live to be over 5 years old.

Crikey Croc is one of the stunning full bodied sot toy puppets designed by Peter Harris from Secret Gully.