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Bounce The Wallaroo Heading

Bounce is a wallaroo. He is bigger than a wallaby but not quite as big as a kangaroo. He has some distinctive features which include a large dog-like nose and shorter but strong limbs. He likes to live in steep places with rocky outcrops. He usually rests during the hot part of the day and emerges from his shelter in the cool of the evening to eat grasses and shrubs on the valley floors.

You can find wallaroos in many parts of Australia, but Bounce is an Eastern Wallaroo with dark grey shaggy fur. Wallaroos with brown fur are found on the Western side of the Great Divide and are known as Euros. The male wallaroos weigh as much as a small human adult but the female is usually a lot smaller.

Bounce has a distinctive Wallaroo stance when standing still. He throws his shoulders back, tucks his elbows into his sides and holds his wrists up. When disturbed he breathes out with a sudden hiss. He also makes a 'cch cch' sound.

Female Wallaroos may have babies throughout the year if there is plenty of food. However if there is a drought they might stop having babies until the season improves. Baby wallaroos live in their mother's pouch for around eight months. Wallaroos are a common animal away from urban areas.

Bounce the Wallaroo is one of the stunning full bodied soft toy puppets designed by Peter Harris based on the wallaroos that live in Secret Gully.