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Floppy the Bilby

Floppy the Bilby lives in the desert regions of Australia. Her home is usually in dry shrublands or spinifex and tussock grasslands. She is about the size of a rabbit and loves digging. It is often very hot where Floppy lives, so Bilbys sleep during the day and come out late at night when the temperature is cool.

Floppy sleeps in a long burrow with the entrance in a termites nest and under a shrub. The burrow is steep and spirals down a couple of metres into the earth, with side tunnels and separate entrances. Bilbys share their burrows with their partners and young.

Floppy doesn't see very well, but has very good hearing, sniffing out and digging up insects, which form an important part of her diet. Bilbys eat termites, ants and larvae as well as seeds, fruit and fungi. They can survive without drinking any water, getting their moisture from their food. Bilbys have long ears and a pointed snout with a long tongue. They stand upright to sniff the air and when they run they hold their tails up high.

Females have a pregnancy of 21 days and give birth to 1- 3 young. The babies live in a rear facing pouch for 70-80 days after which they are weaned in a couple of weeks. Bilbys are very vulnerable. They are hunted by fox and cat and much of their habitat has been destroyed.

Floppy the Bilby is one of the stunning full bodied soft toy puppets designed by Peter Harris and inspired by her cousin the bandicoot who lives in Secret Gully.