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Secret Gully Childrens' DVD productions are designed to be entertaining, educational and interactive for young children. The series contain a mix of -

*Beautiful Nature Footage

*Original Meditational Music

*Relaxed Descriptive Narration

*Fun Songs in Karaoke Style

*Puppetry Nature Stories




Fun with Nibbles DVD

$20 Posted to Australia only

*1. The 'Dum de Dum' Song
Sung by Nibbles the Koala as he sits in his favourite eucalypt tree. Karaoke style words.
*2. The 'Nest' Song
Sung by Secret Gully Crew as they work hard, building a nest for Misty. Karaoke style words.
*3. The Wood Ducks of Secret Gully
The shy Wood Ducks come out of the forest to feed. A mother carefully minds her ducklings.
*4. The 'Flutterby' Song

Nibbles the koala sings a beautiful song about butterflies, featuring beautiful nature footage.
*5. Seagulls Seek Shelter
In a seagull and tern nursery area sheltered from heavy seas, parents feed their young.
*6. We Visit the Creek

Whilst exploring the beautiful pools we discover a little lizard living behind a waterfall.

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Fun with Misty DVD

Posted to Australia only

*1. Misty Hurts Her Foot
When Misty the Greater Glider falls and hurts her foot, her friends build her a little nest on the ground. Features the Secret Gully puppets.
*2. The Peaceful Pool
On a peaceful pool, little 'oarsmen' insects paddle about while some cute little lizards relax in the warm sun.
*3. Kangaroos on the Track
Some beautiful grey kangaroos stop on the track to watch us for a while. A joey also checks us out from the safety of the pouch.
*4. Misty CLimbs Again
When Misty is rested after her fall, her friends sing a special song to help her climb back into the safety of her treeth. Features the Secret Gully puppets.

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Fun With Spike DVD

Posted to Australia only

*1. The Ant Song
Sung by Spike the Echidna as he pokes about Secret Gully. Karaoke style words.
*2. Ant Food
Some hungry ants in Secret Gully have trouble dragging a large horse fly down their nest.
*3. Birds at the Bay
Over on the coast we watch a number of beautiful sea birds fishing, swimming and just resting on the beach.
*4. Echidna in Secret Gully
Whilst exploring Secret Gully, we find a happy little Echidna waddling about looking for ants.
*5. Secret Gully Theme Song
A singalong video featuring the Secret Gully puppets with karaoke style lyrics.
*6. Stormy Ocean
Big waves, grey skies and chilly winds greet us as we try to walk along the headland.

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Fun With Digger DVD

Posted to Australia only

*1. The Burrow Song
Sung by Digger the Wombat as he wanders about Secret Gull. Karaoke style words.
*2. Brush Tailed Rock Wallabies
We take a peek into the quiet lives of these charming little endangered wallabies who live in Secret Gully
*3. The Creek Goes Wild
During a big storm the normally peaceful creek in Secret Gully becomes a raging torrent.
*4. The 'IF' Song
Sung by the Secret Gully crew, this sweet songs asks you to join in the fun.
*5. Oyster Catchers
A pair of these delightful birds visit the beach to relax and enjoy the sun.
*6. Boonoo Boonoo Waterfall
The Boonoo Boonoo river in Northern NSW tumbles through a massive gorge on its long journey to the sea.

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