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*Fun songs, many with simple environmental themes bring joy and help develop aural skills and discernment.

*Gentle stories develop imagination and a sense of adventure.

*These products encourage imaginative play and are particularly relevant for children with Secret Gully puppets.

*And when bedtime comes the Sleepy Koala story with its dreamy music is the perfect end to the day.



Encounters Nature Stories

Follow an Echidna, be watched by a Wedge-Tailed Eagle, touch a Goanna and check out a Brush Tailed Phascogale.

Seven true stories as told by Peter Harris to Macca on Australia All Over.

Peter has observed the beautiful wildlife in Secret Gully for over 30 years giving him rare insights into the daily lives and habits of these remarkable creatures.

Written with many humourous anecdotes, these charming stories are a delight for both children and adults.

Book - $12
Posted to Australia only




Check out our iBooks.....

Nature Walk iBook

Come for a NATURE WALK through Secret Gully and meet a Rock Wallaby, Wood Duck, King Parrot, Koala, Goanna, Black Cockatoo Wallaroo and more. Featuring video clips of each creature plus an optional narration for children who are unable to read as yet.

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Sooty Oyster Catchers iBook

On the nearby coast, a pair of SOOTY OYSTER CATCHERS decide to take a stroll in the late afternoon sun. A charming story about these unique characters with gorgeous video clips featuring the birds relaxing on a beautiful beach near Byron Bay, on the NSW north coast. Optional narration.

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Lizard Waterfall iBook

Behind a bubbling waterfall in Secret Gully lives a little lizard we call SCUPPER. Some unique video clips give us a glimpse into his daily life. Amazing footage shows him watching his own reflection in the wet rockface behind the waterfall. Optional narration.

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Misty Hurts Her Foot iBook

The stunning SECRET GULLY PUPPETS feature in this delightful story. Misty has fallen and hurt her foot, so her friends gather around to help her, singing a song as they build her a nest. Filmed by the rugged creek in Secret Gully, this gentle story is all about caring for each other. Optional narration.

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